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Information in English

Information in English

On these pages you will find general information on Frederiksberg in English. This includes tourist information, an introduction to the political system of Frederiksberg and useful information for newcomers.

  • The mayor of Frederiksberg welcomes you  

    Welcome to Frederiksberg

    ...the green oasis of the capital

    Frederiksberg is famous for its beautiful areas and parks, and a rich cultural life with high-quality entertainment and events.

    Frederiksberg is a place not only for the young and for students, but also for families and the elderly – the diverse population is what makes the city interesting and thriving.

    This guide offers a rich variety of information as to living and working in Frederiksberg, and hopefully it answers some of the questions you may have as a new resident.

    Twice a year all new residents in Frederiksberg are invited to a welcome meeting at the City Hall. The welcome meeting is a broad introduction to your new home municipality and the services we offer. You will receive a formal invitation prior to the meeting, and I really hope to see you there.

    If you still have unanswered questions having read this guide, you are welcome to contact us.

    Welcome to Frederiksberg – we hope you’ll have a pleasant and enjoyable time in Denmark.

    Jørgen Glenthøj 
    Jørgen Glenthøj
    Mayor of Frederiksberg

  • The City of Frederiksberg  

    The City of Frederiksberg is a modern, metropolitan local authority with the characteristics of a major city. First and foremost, however, Frederiksberg is a residential area with all service provisions included. The many parks and leisure facilities in the city provide the Capital with a green oasis characterised by a special, historic charm.

    Frederiksberg's area is nine square kilometres, which makes it the smallest and the most densely populated local authority in the country, with a density of about 10,000 inhabitants per square kilometre.   

    History in short
    Frederiksberg's history dates back to 1651 when King Frederik III gave 20 peasants of Dutch origin from Amager the right to settle and cultivate the previously royal land around Allégade. King Frederik IV built  Frederiksberg Castle between 1699 and 1703 as a country residence for the royal family. At the same time the city at the foot of the castle hill became known as Frederiksberg.
    Frederiksberg was given its local self-government in 1858, and it rapidly began to grow in population. From 1919, the authority appointed its own mayor and city council. From the beginning of the 20th Century and in the following 40-50 years the urban development continued in Frederiksberg. Around 1950 the city was almost fully developed and the number of citizens reached 120.000 - the highest ever. Frederiksberg was - and still is - characterized by extensive villa districts and spacious blocks of flats.
    Here you can read a more detailed description of the history of Frederiksberg.

    Development and change
    Although Frederiksberg appears to be a fully developed city, it is still a place of continuous change. As a consequence of the improved infrastructure (the Metro, the Circular Line and busses), the areas around the new stations (i.e. Forum, Frederiksberg, Fasanvej, Lindevang and Flintholm) have undergone and are still undergoing a rapid development.

    Frederiksberg Gymnasium, the extension to the existing Library and the Falkoner Cinema Centre are examples of this development. Shops and housing are under construction bringing life and activities to the area. Copenhagen Business School (CBS) has in 2006 opened a new building for teaching and research purposes. A green campus has been created outside the CBS combining the two stations Frederiksberg and Fasanvej; designed to maintain Frederiksberg as an environmentally orientated city.

    Urban renewal
    The city of Frederiksberg is responsible for a large part of the urban landscape such as roads, green zones, public transport, the fire services and the environmental protection. The city has supervised a very careful and sensitive restoration of some of its many older buildings. This urban renewal will continue, combined with new construction for both residential and business purposes.

    Around Flintholm Station a whole new area with industry and housing is being established. This area will have shops, restaurants and cafes, housing for the young and the old, squares, parks, industry and public institutions and a shopping centre. To accommodate pedestrians and cyclists, a green cycle- and footpath has been built in the local area. The path is passing through green zones and provides road safety for many people travelling across the city.

    Frederiksberg Have and Søndermarken are two centrally placed parks next to the ZOO, which a couple of years back was enlarged by a new elephant house designed by Norman Foster and a "savanna" bordering Frederiksberg Have.

    The links below you find detailed information about the local authority of Frederiksberg.

  • The history of Frederiksberg  

    The booklet "From Village to Big City" describes the history of Frederiksberg in the long perspective.

    The history is divided into the following chapters, which you can see below:

  • Tourist Guide  

    Welcome to Frederiksberg!

    Frederiksberg offers an exciting blend of culture, modern architecture, open spaces and excellent shopping facilities. Today, it has developed into a municipality with more than 100,000 residents with a strong sense of local pride.

    The residents are however not the only people, who benefit of what Frederiksberg has to offer. There are also about 25,000 students attending institutions of higher education situated in Frederiksberg, and 30,000 people who commute to work in Frederiksberg every day. And on top of that, the many visitors who find Frederiksberg an attractive destination for an excursion – be it for shopping, dining, visiting the Zoo or strolling in one of the beautiful parks.

    We are easily accessible by car, bus or Metro as well as by bicycle or on foot.

    Shopping is concentrated along the three streets, Gl. Kongevej, Falconer Allé and Godthåbsvej. A recently expanded shopping centre with more than 90 shops is found right in the middle of Frederiksberg next to the Frederiksberg Metro station. However, many other streets have their share of interesting shops.

    Frederiksberg is renowned for its wealth of entertainment and recreational amenities - and the town’s beautiful spaces and parks are filled with high-quality entertainment and cultural offerings. And we have a thriving café life and many good places to dine.

    One of the most special art experiences in all of Denmark can be found in the former Water Cisterns beneath Søndermarken right next to the Zoo.

    This mini-guide shows some of the offers available in Frederiksberg of interest for tourists as well as residents.

    For more information on Frederiksberg, please read here.

    Have fun and enjoy your stay!



    Link to Frederiksberg Tourist Guide

    Link to AOK website in English (events)

    Link to Kultunaut website in English (events)

    Link to more tourist information for the entire Copenhagen Region

  • International Citizen Service  

    A one point entry for the companies and international citizens of Frederiksberg Municipality

    International Citizen Service aims to ensure flexible and effective services for companies and international citizens of Frederiksberg Municipality.

    An agreement in partnership with the City of Copenhagen states that, international citizens living in Frederiksberg Municipality will be able to have all their necessary paperwork done at the International Citizen Service in Copenhagen.

    So far, 15 municipalities in the Capital Region of Denmark and the Region of Zealand are a part of the agreement that aims to ensure a flexible and effective entry to Denmark for international citizens of the municipalities and for companies that hire staff from abroad. At the International Citizen Service all relevant authorities are represented and all necessary paperwork can be taken care of in just one sitting (issuance of CPR number, health insurance card, work and residence permits and tax card).

    International Citizen Service is located in the International House Copenhagen which offers public and private services to companies and international newcomers. Companies and international citizens of Frederiksberg Municipality will now also have access to these services.

    Among the offers are help in job seeking for students and accompanying spouses, courses in intercultural understanding, professional and social events, as well as networking opportunities.

    Companies in the Capital Region of Denmark and Region Zealand will furthermore be able to access assistance in recruiting, hiring and welcoming international employees.

    For information about opening hours and a description of the services in International Citizen Service and International House, please visit www.ihcph.dk

  • Registration Office  

    At the National Registration Office we register data about the citizens of Frederiksberg, from new-borns to elderly.

    The registration primarily regards major events and changes in peoples' lives:

    • when they are born and christened/named
    • when they join or leave the Church of Denmark
    • when they move and change address
    • when they wish to change their doctor
    • when emigrating from or immigrating to Denmark
    • when getting married or divorced
    • when they die

    The Registration Office handles inquiries from citizens, private companies and public authorities as well as providing assistance at elections and referendums in Denmark. We also help people to get a National Health Service medical card.

    The Registration Office is located in the City Hall at the 1st floor as a part of the Citizen Service Centre.

    You are most welcome to visit us in the City Hall, at our webpage (in Danish only) or give us a call.

    Telephone: +45 38 21 26 50
    Telefax: +45 38 21 29 70

    Change of address:
    You can change your address electronically if you have a NemID. NemID is your digital signature and the key to digital Denmark. You can obtain a NemID having a CPR number and valid ID at https://nemid.nu/dk-en/. The self-service page is available in danish and english. 

    Change your address.

    Opening hours:
    The Citizen Service Centre is open for personal
    applications or by phone:

    The Citizen Service Centre is open for personal applications or by phone:

    Personal applications:
    Monday and Thursday: 9 AM - 5 PM
    Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday: 9 AM - 1 PM

    By phone:
    Monday - Thursday: 10 AM - 3 PM
    Friday: 10 AM - 2 PM

    You can also get help at The International Citizen Service in Copenhagen.

  • Are you new in town? Find out what you need to know  

  • Parking in Frederiksberg  

    Parking spaces for everyone in Frederiksberg
    The City want's it to be easier to find a parking spot in Frederiksberg for local residents, businesses and their staff,  as well for the many people visiting our shops, restaurants, and cultural institutions every day. Therefore the City of Frederiksberg has introduced new parking terms and charges as from 1 April 2015.

    Frederiksberg has become one parking zone
    All public streets in the City of Frederiksberg are part of one and the same two-hour parking zone. This means, that there is two hours free parking in most places in our city. However be sure to pay attention to local restrictions as well, for instance at Gl. Kongevej, Falkoner Allé and Godthåbsvej, where you only can park your car for 30 minutes from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on weekdays and from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturdays. Private residential streets have special time limits and parking restrictions.

    When to pay for parking
    The parking zone is controlled on all weekdays from 7 a.m. to midnight and on Saturdays from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. On Sundays and holidays parking is free.

    First two hours are free
    In the parking zone the first two hours are free. If you need to park longer you must buy at ticket or a permit.
    Prices for parking tickets:

    0-2 hours ................. Free 
    3 hours .................... Kr. 10,- 
    4 hours .................... Kr. 25,- 
    5 hours ....................  Kr. 45,- 
    6 hours ....................  Kr. 65,- 
    More than 6 hours ...  Kr. 70,- 
    One week ...............  Kr. 350,- 


    You can pay for the parking with your mobile phone at:

    • Easypark: Tel. 7022 1245 or send a text "app" to 1411
    • Parkman: Find the app here
    • ParkPark: Tel. 7230 0200 or send a text "app" to 1220

    Information can be found on signs and parking stands.

    If you wish to buy a parking ticket at a park and pay machine, you can still do so. You need the vehicle´s license number - all numbers and letters on the license plate - for registration of your parking. Therefore, it may be useful to note the number so you have it when you are at the park and pay machine.

    Remember always to use your parking disc
    Set the parking disc at the end of the quarter of arrival. If you for instance arrive at 3.37 p.m., set the disc at 3.45 p.m. If you arrive outside the controlled hours, please set the parking disc at the time the controlled hours start. If  you arrive at e.g. 6 a.m. on a weekday, you should set the disc at 7 a.m.

    Different types of parking permits
    You are a resident in Frederiksberg
    . You can buy a resident permit if:

    • You are a registered resident of Frederiksberg and you are registered as the owner/user in the registration certificate of the vehicle, or
    • You use your company car for private driving

    A resident permit is valid for a year at a time; it costs DKK 150. it is only valid for the vehicle to which it is issued. Resident permit holders may park in all streets in the parking zone.

    If you are a resident or a tenant and you use a car without being the registered owner or user, you can buy a resident permit at DKK 150/month, but only for two months of the year.

    You have a company in Frederiksberg.
    You can buy a business permit if your company is domiciled in Frederiksberg and the vehicle is registered in the name of your company. You can buy a business permit for all your company cars. The business permit costs DKK 1,200/year/vehicle.

    You work in Frederiksberg.
    You can buy a commuter permit if your place of work is in Frederiksberg. A commuter permit costs DKK 400/month and you can buy it for three months at a time.

    You can buy the parking permit her (in danish)

    Parking control
    Along with the new general parking zone we also introduce a new parking control. When you buy a ticket or a permit your car i registered and the control staff use the license plate of the vehicle. So you no longer need to display tickets or permits in the windscreen.

    Parking control is conducted by the municipal parking control (Frederiksberg Parkering). in addition, police may control whether a parking is legal.

  • Starting a business in Frederiksberg  

    Citizens of Frederiksberg, and businesses with an address in Frederiksberg, can participate in free courses in English on how to develop a new startup company at Business House Copenhagen. The courses take place frequently as the different courses are available every month. You can combine the courses according to your needs, preferences, and the time you have available.

    You can sign up for the different courses and find more information if you follow this link: Link to Business House Copenhagen website in English
  • Greater Copenhagen  

    Greater Copenhagen is a business region of 46 municipalities in Eastern Denmark.
    Greater Copenhagen is home to 2.6 million inhabitants and Scandinavia’s largest recruitment base of highly-skilled employees. The region offers world class research facilities and a creative business environment with easy access to the Northern European markets.
    Greater Copenhagen aims to be the leading metropolis in Northern Europe in terms of attracting and retaining international investment, companies, tourism and talent.

    The Greater Copenhagen Collaboration
    The Greater Copenhagen Collaboration is a political platform for promoting regional collaboration and economic growth. The mayors and regional chairpersons of Eastern Denmark lead the Collaboration.
    In close dialogue with business and other key players in Greater Copenhagen, the Greater Copenhagen Collaboration launches strategic initiatives to generate economic growth and create jobs in Greater Copenhagen.


    In 2020, Greater Copenhagen will be a leading international hub for investment and knowledge capable of competing with the most successful metropolises in Europe.
    By then, our regional collaboration on a focused growth agenda will have created significant economic growth and increased employment in Southern Scandinavia’s international metropolis – Greater Copenhagen.