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How to exchange your foreign driving license

Your current driving licence can be exchanged for a Danish driving license if your stay in Denmark has lasted more than six months.


    However, this restriction does not apply to people with a Faroese or Greenlandic driving license or to people with driving licenses issued in an EU or EEA country.

    If you live in Frederiksberg Municipality, you have to go to the Citizen Service Centre (Borgerservice), Smallegade 1, 2000 Frederiksberg to exchange the license. Dont forget to book an appointment before arrival. The Citizen Service Centre is a part of the City Hall and is located on the 1st floor (use the back entrance next to the parking lot).

    Documents to bring

    • A valid passport.
    • Your current driving license.
    • A valid residence permit or other documentation of residence if you are not a citizen of Denmark or a Nordic country or are not authorised to reside in Denmark without permission.
    • A medical certificate issued by your own doctor, if your driving license was not issued in the Faroe Islands, Greenland or in an EU or EEA country.
    • A medical certificate is also needed if your foreign driver license is expiring soon.
    • A Photo. Photos can be taken at the Citizen Service Centre.

    Translation of driving licenses
    Please note that the municipality have a right to obtain a translation of your driving license. As a rule, a translation will be required unless the information on the driving license is printed in English or the driving license has been issued from an EU or an EEA country.

    Other information
    If your full and correct name does not appear on your identification papers, you may be requested to document a change of name by presenting a wedding certificate, a certificate of name change or documentation of a filing with a marriage authority or national registration office.

    If you do not have a valid passport you must instead bring an original copy of your baptism or birth certificate, your Health Insurance Card or some other suitable proof of identity along with photo identification.

    If you have not yet been issued a Civil Registration Number and your date of birth and your name are not clearly displayed on your ID, you must bring an identification document issued by a public authority on which your date and place of birth are clearly displayed.

    Read more on Færdselsstyrelsen.